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woohoo long weekend 👌
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I will reblog this until my fingers bleed

so true

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i’ll take my chance with aliens before i mess w/ whatever is at the bottom of the ocean

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Fuck this.
Fuck this post so much.

Do not tell me
your best friend
would not sit in at your lunch table
for three fucking days
just staring blankly at your old seat
wishing that you were there
to fill the space with laughter.

Do not tell me
your younger brother
would not break down
in the middle of class
because you guys started talking about
your favorite type of subject
in school.

Do not tell me
your mother
would not stare into the mirror
with trembling lips
wishing she could be
bringing you home from the hospital
rather than having to escort you away
in a casket to the nearest graveyard.

Do not tell me
your father
would not begin working
the night shifts
to distract himself
of the silence at home
because you’re not up
until the ungodly hours of the night
talking to what’s-his/her-face
on the phone
because you guys are so in love.

Do not tell me
your boyfriend/girlfriend
would not go into your room
and put on the last hoodie you wore
trying to desperately imprint
your sent onto their skin
so they never forget your smell.

Do not tell me
your friends
would not stare blankly
at the gymnasium wall
after the principal has announced
your death
to the entire school
making no sound
trying to convince themselves
this is just another one of
your impractical jokes.

Do NOT fucking TELL ME
this bullshit line
of how the stars would still appear
the sun would still come out
the earth would still rotate
and the seasons will still change
because without YOU
you lil beautiful piece of human being
none of these people will want
ANY of that to happen.

So yes.

Fuck this.

Fuck this post so much.

Reblogging for the comment because damn

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I miss you so much 😢😘
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reblog if your name isn’t Hans.










2,121,566 people are not Hans and counting!

We’ll find you Hans.

This post is scandalous.

reblogging because hans cant. 

If you scroll past this I am going to assume your name is Hans.

I couldn’t not reblog…

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Oh hans, if only you could reblog this.

3,697,721 non Han’s

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my life goal is to reblog this every monday

I’m tempted to set this up in my queue every Monday for a year.

See this every Monday, Reblog this every time.  (:

Perfection. Monday at 12:29am. Reblog everytime.

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Source For more facts, Follow Ultrafacts

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See this hat? Tis’ my cat.

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i hate repeating myself 



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