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It’s easy to look around at what’s happening in the earth today and be tempted to feel afraid or dismayed. Circumstances may seem overwhelming. Maybe your business is struggling, maybe you lost your job, maybe you’re struggling in a relationship or concerned about the economy. During times like these, it’s important to remember that God has promised that He will never leave us nor forsake us. In fact, not only is He with us, He has promised to strengthen us and harden us to difficulties. That means, when tough times come, they just bounce right off of you. You don’t allow your circumstances to steal your peace and joy. You have the attitude that says, “This may be a big problem, but my God is bigger!”

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What a fantastic trip with this guy 🎉💋💃✈️
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Tattoo #3 😍🎉🙌🙈💃🐯
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Best day ever ; I finally met all of the members of the band that saved my life. 💋🎶😊🎉🙈💃
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Ranched 💃🎉
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the boy who blocked his own shot // brand new

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I need a 500 pack of these

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oh my god

prob me as a mum

Parenting at its best

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This cat has a crush on a human and isn’t afraid to show it.

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pls watch this gif

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